Escaping the harsh and desperate times of The Cambodian Genocide, Vate Soeun migrated with his family to the city of Stockton, California at the age of 3. He was raised and molded by his environment. However, Vate is not a product of it. His love and passion for music began at 5 when he first heard (BAND). This immediately drew Vate to more artists like (BAND) who became a huge influence in his life and later on his sound. He discovered his gift and talent by listening to these artists. Their voices through the cassette decks and record players were his teachers, who taught him the true essence and beauty of harmony. He did not receive education of music, because he was a living testament of a “natural” gift and voice. He is music. Vate’s adolescent years were full of troubled times. Involved with the neighborhood gangs, Vate could’ve been a “statistic”. However, his natural gift became his key to open the locked doors that would’ve been closed for others. He began his musical journey, and gained notoriety from supporters worldwide. His voice grasped the attention of listeners and his songs left a mark in their souls. “V8” became the moniker and his musical brand. Today, V8 is a wiser and mature figure and has become more then just an artist. He is a visionary, producer, director and writer all wrapped into one. Self taught, and self made.